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Hani Dabbagh
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With over 30 years' experience in Hewlett-Packard, I have been actively involved in the Digital Revolution since 2000. At the time it was called "Web 2.0" and no-one had heard of "social media".

Little did we know of the upheavals ahead of us, in business, in society, in politics, in culture.


Digital Transformation & Innovation

About me

30 years at Hewlett-Packard taught me how to collaborate, motivate, lead, as well as innovate, take calculated risks and push the envelope, all the while focussing on business. Above all, Hewlett-Packard taught me about the power of trust and teamwork.

Since 2000, I was an early adoptor of "Web 2.0", convinced of the power of digital -- before it became "fashionable". I have created many innovative online channel programs and e-Business Models. I deployed online sales and marketing programs & tools, in both the direct and indirect eCommerce motions, including hp.com. I have defined digital strategy with a Business Unit, including the creation of a "Media Lab" to experiment, and executed many innovative eCommerce projects -- all within a tough sales environment focussed on the short term.

I've since become passionate about the disruptive impact of Digital Technology on business, politics and culture, convinced that we as society, need to take back control, and actively manage this revolution, distilling the best of Technology and discarding the rest.

My technical background (I have a PhD in Information Engineering) coupled with my business experience allow me to be comfortable with technology and focus on user benefits.  Since leaving HP I advise and consult companies, contribute to the Strategy "Digital Switzerland" and give lectures on the various facets of digitisation. 

my blog

Read my thoughts and ramblings on the Digital Revolution and how it intersects with Society. 


Check out a few examples of my "portfolio" of past projects, programs, tools and work dabbling in the online world, from the tactical to the strategic, since 2000.