Hani Dabbagh
Hani Dabbagh
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It all started when...

... I was 13 years old and I printed my first black-and-white photograph. Something in Photography, in the way it seamlessly conjugated Art and Science, appealed to me. And I was hooked.

Welcome to my world of photography


Travels in Black-and-White


This is a labour of love.

It attempts to pay homage to a simpler time in photography -- a time when you loaded a camera with black-and-white film, a time when you had only a limited number of exposures per roll, a time when you had to wait days or weeks to see the results, a time when you had limited latitude in what you could change. It is a homage to this time -- using the latest digital technology.


Click on the image of the cover on the left to have a peek inside "Travels in Black-and-White". I hope you'll enjoy your travels with me through 5 countries in 3 continents.


You can also purchase an eBook version of it for iPad and iPhone from Blurb here.