These are just some of my work dabbling in the online world, pushing the envelope, from the tactical to the strategic, since 2000.

e-Business Partner Program



  • Created, deployed and managed one of the first online channel programs in the industry to capitalise on the growing importance of e-channels. It became integrated into HP's channel Business Partner Program and generated incremental business through online partners

  • 56 e-channel partners, representing 15% of the business, with 25% growth y/y


  • It was early days in the online world, and the first "internet bust" had just occurred with people scrambling away from anything "e-". However, I was an early believer in the long term power and business potential of online -- and specifically indirect online business -- and held on. The program gave concrete online benefits that channel partners appreciated, benefits such as traffic, content, accreditation. This gave us a head start, and the partners became more HP focussed. 

Viral Marketing and Web 2.0



  • I created viral marketing campaigns to support the new "The PC is Personal Again" campaign aimed at making the brand "cool". These include:
    • fingerskilz campaign (read more)
    • tearunning campaign that won an award)
  • developed a "Viral Marketing Cookbook" with do's and don'ts
  • adapted the PR strategy to include proactive and inclusive approach to bloggers, using one of the first blog monitoring platforms -- way before it was fashionable to do so, and against prevailing sentiment at the time.
  • experimented with new media, using podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds to animate an HP-SMB Community


  • This was 2005; before "social media" was a term. Some "crystal ball" gazing showed the importance of these "emerging media" of those days. They were untested and contained inherent risks (specially with viral marketing) and I had to convince management that they were worth the risks. The campaigns turned out to be hugely successful, and the initial experimentation with blogs, podcasts and forums held us in good stead when "social media" became mainstream.

Content & Widget Syndication

Online Business Models



  • created & successfully deployed an e-commerce channel syndication program across 260 partners world-wide.


  • Innovative program leveraging power of Digital to actively manage HP's visibility and content across its channel partners. We improved awareness and created incremental revenue of HP Care Packs (extended warranties) across "long tail partners" as well as larger resellers and distributors.
  • This required collaboration & project management of channel partners, agencies, and HP resources across the world, from EMEA, to the Americas, to Asia Pacific



  • developed an e-Franchise Business Model, including Legal Agreement and the eFranchise Operator Manual, with licensing approval for HP brand

  • developed various e-Commerce Hybrid Models that leveraged the assets that HP possessed to produce a mix of direct and indirect, online and offline sales motions.


  • "Out of the Box" thinking produced innovative go-to-market motions. Today we call this "Omnichannel".


Mobile Application: HP Cirrus



  • created from scratch & successfully deployed an innovative sales enablement mobile application (iOS & Android) that leveraged the latest digital technology (push notifications, NFC, geolocation...) to simplify lives of sales reps (HP & Channel Partners).  20,000 users (25% market share). The app was conceived to be a platform upon which functionalities can be developed to address on-going needs of Sales.


  • huge learnings in the development of mobile applications, and their deployment across the user base
  • the tip of the iceberg: the temptation to start with a beautiful UX is a siren call, when the real work is connecting to legacy systems.
  • excellent feedback from users encouraged us and showed us that there is room for technology that answers real needs

HP Customiser



  • Deployed a large, complex IT project across numerous countries, channel partners, agencies, resources and internal organisations, to successfully deploy an innovative online channel tool for customers within to customise HP PCs: "The HP Customiser"


  • by deploying this tool we were able to offer customers the ability to define their needs (specs) and suggest the closest "off the shelf PC" for immediate delivery, or else wait a little longer for the custom one. It was also our opportunity to cross-sell and upsell. 
  • many learnings in Project Management, overcoming numerous challenges inherent in integrating a platform across heterogenous systems (HP's and channel partner's), as well as coordinating remote teams (internal and external) across disparate countries.